LessWrong Prague

We are active community of people interested in rationality, safety of artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, effective altruism, hpmor, self-improvement etc.

About us

We are a group of people, interested in improving both ourself and the world. For improving ourself we are meeting regularly (see our fb for more info), help with organizing CFAR workshops, organize CFAR alumni reunion, organized 8 week workshop on rationality, etc. If you like these topic you are encouraged to come to some of our meetups. See calendar bellow and our facebook page for current information.

LessWrong Group Prague on Facebook

Effective altruism

We are deeply interested in using rationality to improve the world. For that we founded NGO Czech Association for Effective Altruism where we did many projects (see its webpage)

Czech Association for Effective Altruism

Recommended resources

ClearerThinking.org Online course with interactive quizzes.

Rationality: From AI to Zombies (online version) several volumes with essays that was highly influential on thinking of many of our members (Slovak translation).

The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant / Bajka o draku tyranovi

Thinking Fast and Slow Bestseller, popular introduction to some of important ideas on how we are fooling ourselves.

Websites lesswrong.com and effectivealtruism.org and essays by Scott Alexander.

There are czech translations of important essays on archetypal.cz

Many members of our community enjoys Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality. (Czech translation made by Tersa)

Similar list on web of CFAR, another one, and our recommendations about effective altruism.

Upcoming events

ical with calendar. See our FB page for more info.

See also events about effective altruism